Make Room for Miscellany

Our Junk Drawer

This piece was inspired by two things.

1) After I complimented my friend on her fabulously crafted blog (wykydtyny), she described it in the following way: “It’s mostly turning out to be a lot of random things. I suppose, that’s what a blog is. Well. What mine is, heh. I don’t have the patience to, like, pick a topic and write on it steadily.”

2) The fact that I have at least seven bags floating  around my house right now with random configurations of pens, stamps, business cards, charger cords, gum, Aveda products and used gift cards. Little mini-junk drawers. All over our house. Much to the dismay of my husband.

I will declare that every adventurecraft has a junk drawer. Mine has a few. Our home has an office that I call the “junk drawer” of our house. It has, in no particular order:

  • A drying rack
  • An ironing board
  • All of my CDs (yep, not letting go)
  • A pile of thank you notes from our 2009 wedding (unsent, clearly, but addressed with abounding optimism and good intention)
  • My high school Pez dispenser collection
  • Book collection remnants (my husband’s hand loading magazines stacked haphazardly against my Bible doctrine texts from grad school….gosh, that makes it sounds like Sarah Palin lives here)
  • My steel toed boots
  • An antique church pew
  • A disposable camera from the early 2000’s
  • And ironically, a stack of Real Simple magazines from my 2010 subscription with ample home organization tips.

When my brother and his wife cleaned their home, she could get several rooms done, meanwhile he had spent three hours reorganizing their junk drawer. This was fairly irritating for her, and totally cathartic for him.

There is a phrase, stating that someone “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” It is a common phrase. It has an arguably misguided negative connotation that the person has missed the big picture. Well dammit, if they saw the TREES….the TREES…well I think they DO get the big picture.

Here is my point. Miscellany manifests itself on a spectrum in our lives, ranging from a neatly-tucked away junk drawer, to an entire back seat of paperwork and fast food wrappers, to a hoarder home. What I am suggesting is that this randomivity (don’t ask Webster, I invented the word) has a purposeful place on the adventurecraft, typically a breeding ground for creativity and surprise. Now creativity and surprise are necessary ingredients of adventure, and aren’t commonly resultant of planning and organization. It’s just a theory.

I’d love to hear about your junk drawer….where do you allow for miscellany and disorganization in your life? (PS this is not a confession, it’s revelation and liberation…wait, this is turning into a U2 song now….)


5 thoughts on “Make Room for Miscellany

  1. My disorganization is in a lot of places within my home. If my theatre kids saw my house; they would think I were two completely different humans, cauuuse I don’t allow misorganisation onstage. Hahahah. Stage, however, holds like ninety percent of my miscellany :).


  2. Apparently my miscellany came in purchasing my mid-morning snack as I happened upon a lovely little coffee shop and juice bar on our trip: almond milk decaf mexican mocha, fresh organic ginger, celery, pear, kale juice, and a locally made maca chocolate bar. A spurge in every way, I admit, but I like that the combination made no culinary or nutritional sense. ha!


  3. Once again, your blog has exceeded my expectations. With clarification on a misguided quote to an ironically made up random word, thank you for the insight into life’s important matters. As for junk drawers in my life…they say that a clean desk is the sign of of a cluttered mind. Junk drawers…one in every room, including my office. How else would I keep my counters and desk top clean?


  4. Love this topic. We have junk drawer in just about every room. We are currently working on decluttering the house. I would love to not have any junk drawers by the end of winter, but I will be satisfied if I can get us down to one. 🙂


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