What to Expect

Really random stuff runs through my head. If I am ever sitting in a movie, a meeting, a concert or a conversation, I am creating a comedy sketch in my head. My thought bubble – at all times – is a rambling narrative of jokes, reflections, questions and confusion. Life and people are so intriguing and so profoundly baffling, the only way I can navigate each day is to be constantly writing a story about it all in my head. As a result, capturing my life experiences results in a collage of what ACTUALLY happened, what COULD have happened and what would have been really funny or odd to have happened. I’ll take that creative license about my own stories, but I’ll be true to the facts with others’ lives. So, in reading this blog, you can expect to read about both the mundane and the exciting as it plays out in my day to day life – my family/friendships, my travels, and other assorted scenarios. This is also a platform for telling the stories of the people I meet who pursue life in their own adventurecraft – finding humor, chaos, and fun on the voyage.


2 thoughts on “What to Expect

  1. Yay! let the fun begin! Your soul coming more alive with every stroke. Every story some kind of blessing – pen to paper, sister!


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